2014 – New Blog, New Clients, New Everything!!

With 2014 upon us, and already a month has flown by. I chalk this up to a good thing because of fun activities going on in business and personal life! I am planning on doing something kind of fun with the blog. I plan on mixing both personal and business things together, since this is how I live my life and should make it more interesting. From discussing products we encounter on a daily basis, project status’, things happening with Jet & I, and whatever else crosses my mind, I’ll try to capture whatever I can. I encourage you to ask questions, and I can try to focus a blog on it.


Bob, Andy & Cousin Jeff on Vermilion River Backcountry Riding

As most of you who know me know that I am an avid snowmobiler. Bob and I have had some great trips to the UP of Michigan, Northern MN in the Iron Range area (north of Lake Vermilion mostly), and am happy to report over 1200 miles on my Ski-Doo this year and not once have been stuck in the deep snow they have up there. It’s been fun. We are looking forward to a bunch more miles and weekends coming up!

We have several projects we are working on now. What I really enjoy right now is the variety of remodeling, new home and an insurance type of job. The new home we are working on in North Oaks is still in the framing stages. Katie has been doing a great job of posting photos to our Facebook page (and if you haven’t liked it, you should do so by visiting the Bob Michels Construction Facebook Page) of the new home. As the project has been evolving from the ground up, so have a few sections of the plans by both the architect and owner. It started as a really neat home, and is becoming even more so! It’s quite exciting.


Small Model of the home we are currently building.

On the remodeling front, we have a great 1900 built home on Bald Eagle Lake in White Bear Township we are in the painting stage on. The project entailed creating a 2nd floor master suite. The owner was looking for high end finishes, and desired to keep the flow of the house in line with the overall appearance. I plan on shooting a short video walkthrough this week, so look for that.

This coming Wednesday, our clients are moving back into their home after a small fire started in their home, they contacted us to repair, we started and are now a few days away from completion. Just before Halloween 2013, we were contacted by the owner telling us of the disaster they faced due to an electrical fire that occurred in the kitchen. I will give a review this week as well of the process we took the owners through to get them back into their home after a major overhaul.

In two weeks Bob and I head to Las Vegas for the International Builders Show (IBS) to preview new products, new innovative ideas we can bring back to you, our clients and friends. Last year we were inspired to come out with Bob’s book “Right from the Start”. We are looking forward to another fun trip out there.

Have a great week



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