Should I Hire an Attorney?

Some people find they are more comfortable with having an attorney review their construction contract. If you do decide to have an attorney review your construction contract, be sure to hire someone that you feel comfortable with and has a background in real estate and construction. Read below to learn more!

Part 1: Before You Build

Chapter 16: Should I Hire an Attorney?

Some people just feel better if their attorney reviews the construction contract, and that’s okay. If you do this, be sure you hire someone who knows the real estate and construction business and will complement the process.

In my own business, my customers and their attorneys recognize that our contract is neutral and does not favor one party over the other.

If you do not feel comfortable with the contract offered by your builder, you may want to consult your attorney.

If you hire an attorney, be sure to hire someone with construction and real estate experience, not a general practice attorney who counsels on personal business, family trusts, estates, etc.


Hire an attorney to review your contract if it makes you feel better. Just be certain to hire one who helps you and not hinders you.


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