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Project Information

The owner of this property came to our firm looking to find more space within his home to store his luxury vehicles. The home had a large mechanical storage area below the garage already, which he was thinking of using. He then showed us a space that used to be an active indoor pool. The space was very much abandoned and not being used. Our team began brainstorming ideas of underground tunnels to the garage, car elevators… We pursued the space and the needs of the owner and his family, which were as follows:

 - Build a new outdoor pool
 - Convert space into an exercise room
 - Craft a sauna
 - Create more storage for vehicles

With a short list of needs, our team developed a comprehensive landscape, architectural, and 3D plan. The project team consisted of landscape designer, pool and spa designer, builder, and architect. We worked as a team through each step of this remodel. The greatest challenge of working on this 1960s-built home was dealing with the modifications the four previous owners had made throughout the home’s life. Every owner altered some aspect of the home, added space, remodeled spaces, abandoned things…it was a puzzle. We discovered many challenges along the way. Listed below are some highlights of the work accomplished during this remodel!

 • Removed existing indoor pool
 • Engineered and installed 2 - 20" steel beams  across the existing pool area to remove the  posts, which dropped around the pool and held  up the two stories above. We utilized shoring to  support the building for 20 plus days while we  remodeled the structure from below while not  damaging the marble floors above.
 • Corefilled most of the foundation in the work  areas due to incredible amounts of water that  was sitting on the foundation blocks due to poor  drainage prior to our arrival.
 • Discovered the original use of the lot was part  of drainage from a farm.
 • Found remnants of the first home on the  property, which was built by James J Hill. We  discovered footings the size of a VW beetle in  places that needed new footings.
 • Relocated one 2,500-gallon septic tank, which  was in the way of the new swimming pool
 • Discovered two sewer line feeds to the septic  system. One of the sewer lines went through  the swimming pool and the other went through  the middle of the new hot tub. These were  unmarked. The new location for the 2,500-  gallon septic tank was then relocated to a  different elevation to accommodate the pitch  needed to work properly.
 • Relocated the well line into the home around  the new structure of the steel beams following  the engineer’s visit. Luckily, there was PEX  piping!
 • Remodeled an existing octagon deck /  exercise room, removed most of the main  structure of the deck and its foundation since  the room under the deck was a heated space.  We abandoned the in floor tubing and ducting  and created an outdoor "ramada" within the  space. In addition, we installed a new insulated  and pitched roof, new decking, and new T&G  within the space.
 • Phantom mechanical drop down screens  allowed the “ramada” area to have a car drive  thru into the lower level car showroom. The  screens require a square removable panel. This  was not an option, so we installed removable  arches made from lightweight stucco.
 • Discovered little to no flashings installed from  a different contractor’s work only 3 years prior,  which pitched water into the home’s windows  below the deck. We removed all windows, deck  rims, and stone and reinstalled all of them  properly.
 • We utilized Icynene insulation and a separate  HVAC system within the garage with  mechanical ventilation to prevent automobile  fumes co-mingling with the home’s air.
 • Re-routed all HVAC feeds to avoid the steel  beams and posts
 • Ensured we had headroom for vehicles (7'  minimum)
 • Landscaped and created drainage plans to  meet city permeable surface requirements with  the addition of the exterior pool and landscaped  (hard surface) areas.
 • Prior to the concrete being poured (within 24  hrs.) the owner decided to install a turntable  within the lower existing pool area. We needed  to add power, two drains to allow the  homeowner to wash the floor and his cars,  purchase the turntable and install a drain tile to  the lower most part of the pit.
 • Created a driveway with proper pitch to allow  a low clearance vehicle to drive from the top of  the driveway to the new showroom without  bottoming out and hitting the center of the  chassis and the front noses of vehicles such as  a Ferrari or Corvette.

Those were just some of the highlights; many additional items and challenges were addressed within the home’s existing systems (electrical, low voltage, security, HVAC)!


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