Our Team

Robert Michels

Immediate Past President
  • Bob is a third-generation builder. His grandfather was a homebuilder and a craftsman in the lath and plaster industry in the 1920s. Bob’s father, Jim, and Jim’s brother, Victor, started Michels Construction in the 1950s, specializing in building two-story, 3,000 square-foot homes as well as upgrading post-World War II ramblers throughout the northern suburbs of Minnesota.
  • Bob began working for his father and uncle as a teenager in the early 1970s, and then took over the firm in 1981 after his father and uncle retired.
  • Bob received his Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of Minnesota.
  • Bob was an active member of Housing First Minnesota and served as the association president in 2017.
  • As our immediate past president, Bob serves as an advisor. His wealth of knowledge regarding the intricacies of building and remodeling is a valuable asset to Michels Homes.
  • In his free time, Bob likes to golf, motorcycle, and spend time with his wife, Mary.