Our Process

Our Process

Our approach to a new project starts with developing a relationship with the client. Cultivating an understanding of their lifestyle and tastes allows us to build out a comprehensive package that includes detailed plans, a tailored design, and thorough specifications that accurately reflect our client’s vision and goals for the project. Once through the planning portion of the project, we pride ourselves on offering effective project management that is on budget and on time.


2- Scope Of Work

3- The Details

4- Construction Begins


This is an opportunity for our team to gain a greater understanding of your vision for your remodel or new home construction. We approach this meeting ready to listen and prepared to offer you guidance to move your project forward.

This meeting allows for our team to get an idea of your proposed project budget and answer any questions or concerns you might have. We recommend at the start of any project to build your team of contractor and designer/architect. Doing so allows for seamless communication and inspired collaboration.


Here is where we build out your vision. With you and your selected architect/designer, we develop the plans and specifications for the project, which then will be used for bidding. Detailed plans, comprehensive specifications, and a good design allow for accurate cost estimation and a headache free project.

We believe that having a built out plan and good design is the best money spent on any project. Having plans and a design developed prior to the start of the project gives us a clear understanding of what we need to accomplish.


The plans and specifications are then released to our qualified subcontractors. In addition, we typically hold a site visit, which gives our subcontractors a comprehensive package to develop their bid. We then compile all the bids into a single document that will give you a clear understanding of the cost of your new home construction or remodel.

This single document breaks down the costs for each component of your project. It allows you to see where your money is being spent and the full scope of work for the project.


Andy is on the job-site daily. He provides continuous communication between our client, architect, and designer. Doing so ensures the project is on schedule and on budget. It's our goal to provide our clients with an excellent and enjoyable building experience.

To assist with scheduling and communicating with our clients, we utilize an online management tool that can be accessed from your desktop computer or through an app on your smartphone. This program allows our team to share images, documents, calendars, and much more with our clients and subcontractors.