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Michels Homes is four generations of trustworthy builders that have been dedicated to the building industry for over 40 years. Following in the footsteps of past generations, the firm continues to be committed to providing personalized and quality customer service. The core of the company is modeled on honesty, quality, and integrity.

Bob and Andy Michels bring a combination of talent, experience, and creativity to every remodeling project and new home build. Uniquely, both Bob and Andy personally supervise all remodeling and new home builds. Each project is custom tailored to meet their clients’ needs and wishes, which allows for an exceptional building experience.


It is the firm’s mission to build and remodel durable, energy efficient, personalized, and comfortable homes. Transparency, reliability, and continuous communication are Michels Homes’ top priorities with each of their clients.

The company has a strong history of creating and maintaining positive relationships with their clients, subcontractors, vendors, architects, and designers throughout the Twin Cities.

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Contractor of the Year Awards – NARI MN

The CotY Awards showcase the best projects from the area’s top talent in the remodeling industry.

  • 2019 Contractor of the Year Award - Interiors 
  • 2018 Contractor of the Year Award - Regional Interiors
  • 2017 Contractor of the Year Award - Gold
  • 2017 Contractor of the Year Award - Silver
  • 2017 Contractor of the Year Award - Best in Show
  • 2016 Contractor of the Year Award - Gold
  • 2016 Contractor of the Year Award - Best Newcomer

Remodeler of Merit Awards – BATC Housing First MN

The ROMA honors BATC-Housing First MN remodeler members for the quality and value of work completed in their remodeling projects.

  • 2017 Multiple Remodeler of Merit Awards – Special, Interiors, Outdoor Living
  • 2015 Remodeler of Merit Award – Interiors
  • 2014 Remodeler of Merit Award – Total Home
  • 2013 Remodeler of Merit Award – Kitchen
  • 2010 Remodeler of Merit Award – Special Detail
  • 2009 Remodeler of Merit Award – Total Home
  • 2006 Remodeler of Merit Award Honorable Mention

BATC Housing First MN

These awards recognize excellence in several areas – from quality and value of construction to business ethics to volunteerism.

  • 2018 Remodeler of the Year Award
  • 2016 MN Green Path Leadership Award
  • 2015 Rising Star Award – Andy Michels  
  • 2014 Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase Dream Home
  • 2012 Membership “Spike” Award 
  • 2011 Remodeler of the Year
  • 2010 Remodeler of the Year – Runner-up 
  • 2008 Parade of Homes Dream Home
  • 2007 50+ Housing Award


The Design Award is given to professionals with the most popular work among 40 million monthly Houzz users and the Customer Service Award is given  to professionals for the number and quality reviews received throughout  the year.

  • 2019 "Best of Houzz" Design Award
  • 2019 "Best of Houzz" Customer Service Award
  • 2018 "Best of Houzz" Design Award
  • 2018 "Best of Houzz" Customer Service Award
  • 2017 "Best of Houzz" Customer Service Award
  • 2016 "Best of Houzz" Design Award
  • 2016 "Best of Houzz" Customer Service Award
  • 2015 "Best of Houzz" Design Award
  • 2015 "Best of Houzz" Customer Service Award
  • 2014 "Best of Houzz" Customer Service Award
  • 2013 "Best of Houzz" Design Award

Phantom Screens Impact Awards

This award recognizes residential design and building professionals for using innovative products to deliver cutting edge designs that set them above the rest.

  • 2016 Phantom Screens Impact Award