Builder Bob's Tips: Summer Maintenance Checklist

Published June 26th, 2018 by Michelsadmin

As the summer storm season has been in full swing, it is important to inspect your home and address any issues to ensure it is in sound shape and running smooth. Listed below are Builder Bob’s home maintenance tips for the summer storm season.

•Have you had a hail? If so, inspect your roofing system. If you suspect damage, our teams are a great resource and can connect you with the right professional.

•Inspect siding for damage or rotten areas - if you find either, the siding may need to be replaced or in some cases a simple solution is paint.

•Inspect windows and screens – look for any gaps in the caulking or holes in the screens.  If there are areas where windows are failing, it could be causing internal damage in your home.  

•Inspect basement for moisture build up - an approved whole house dehumidifier may help to keep your basement dry!

•Inspect/clean gutters – make sure they are free of any debris to ensure they function properly during a storm – nobody wants trees growing from gutters!  

•Test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors – change batteries if needed. 

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